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Is Your Healthcare Call Center a Strategic Advantage or a Disappointing Drawback?

In the healthcare industry, call centers are becoming increasingly important. These call centers, as the public-facing aspect of most healthcare organizations, are often the first impression made on patients and perspective patients. The value of a lifetime of healthcare services hangs in the balance, potentially with every phone call.

A successful interaction can bring a new patient into a healthcare organization, facility, clinic, or provider. However, an unsuccessful phone call can push them away and prepare them to embrace a competing organization. And when they leave, they take with them the value of their healthcare service for today, as well as the rest of their life. That’s a huge amount of revenue at risk.

This puts a lot of pressure on telephone agents each time they press the answer key and say, “Good morning” to another caller. Yet few people realize the gravity of the situation, which happens hundreds or even thousands of times each day in a typical call center.

Every call center, even the best, can do better. Each call center should strive to make their strengths even more impressive. And more importantly, every call center should form a plan to correct their weaknesses. They need to apply successful healthcare call center solutions.

Unfortunately, too many call centers find themselves mired in the pressure of handling that next call. They move from day to day, having lost sight of the big picture and the value that hangs in the balance with every phone call.

Call Center Consulting Experts Help Healthcare Call Centers Do Their Jobs Better

Experienced call center directors and professional call center managers think about these things. They want to do better, maximizing the strengths of their call center and overcoming its weaknesses. However, they’re too often left on their own to figure these things out.

Yes, given enough time and enough money they’ll eventually achieve the results they want to reach. But who has the time to wait and the money to spend? In the rapidly-evolving and ever-changing healthcare industry, time and money are a luxury that few organizations can afford to squander.

The smart move is to bring in expert help, to tap a call center consultancy with a proven track record in healthcare call center success. Call Center Sales Pro is one such organization.

HIPAA Certification and Training

The health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996, otherwise known as HIPAA, has resulted in a myriad of regulations for healthcare organizations. As HIPAA specifically applies to the healthcare call center, the focus is on protected health information (PHI). HIPAA requires all personnel with access to PHI to receive education, along with periodic refresher training, for its proper handling and use. A failure in these areas can result in fines, often hefty, along with a public relations nightmare.

Call Center Sales Pro can educate your healthcare employees about HIPAA, why it’s important, and how to follow its guidelines. Their online training course, with a live instructor, takes less than an hour for each employee to complete. It’s a cost-effective solution that you can’t ignore.

Infinity System Implementation and Optimization

A leading vendor of healthcare call center solutions is 1Call, a division of Amtelco. As the preferred call center platform for many leading healthcare organizations, it’s packed with power, quality-producing benefits, and labor-saving features. However, mastering this powerful platform takes time.

To speed toward the vast potential of this remarkable call center solution, Call Center Sales Pro can help you make things happen. They can assist with strategic planning and logistics, technical support and engineering, agent training and coaching, system setup, configuration and optimization, and implementing medical answering service functions.

The three key outcomes that Call Center Sales Pro can empower you to realize for your healthcare call center are:

  • Help patients better manage their healthcare.
  • Increase per patient revenue and maximize their lifetime value.
  • Transition your call center from being a cost center to a revenue center.

When you’re ready to move forward with an industry-leading consultancy at your side, contact Call Center Sales Pro for a free, no-obligation consultation on how they can help you optimize your healthcare call center and achieve the outcomes you desire.




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