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Call Center Sales Pro Founder and CEO Janet Livingston

Janet Livingston Helps Healthcare Call Centers Grow and Succeed

“If your business isn’t growing, it’s shrinking,” says Call Center Sales Pro CEO and visionary leader, Janet Livingston. Her goal is to help her clients grow their healthcare call center operations and medical answering services. Janet has spent most of her career honing her call center leadership skills and developing a deep understanding of healthcare call centers and medical answering services.

She began as a sales rep at a telephone answering service. This gave her an insider view of how a call center functioned and what it’s like to work with the public over the phone. She understands customer service, as well as agent training, scheduling, and retention. These early lessons have stayed with her and informs what she does today.

Later she started her own call center operation, which she grew organically through sales and marketing into an Inc 5000 company in a few years, an accomplishment she repeated two more times. This added a second perspective to her understanding of the industry, seeing how it functioned from a management level. The insights she gained while handling the day-to-day operations continue to benefit her clients today. During this time, she honed her sales and marketing instincts and her business grew rapidly.

She learned what works and doesn’t work, where to invest in marketing, and how to earn the best return (ROI). Her clients continue to benefit from the wealth of information she gained as she grew her business, which she eventually sold when it reached her target size.

Her third view of the industry comes from working as a consultant. She does a deep dive into a call center’s operation, analyzes all aspects of the organization, and recommends changes to enhance its processes and outcomes.

In 2014 she formed Call Center Sales Pro to help outsource call centers and answering services. Due to its successful record, the business has expanded rapidly to cover all aspects of call center operation. Today her primary objective is to share her vast experience and expertise with the healthcare call center industry and medical answering services.

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