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Call Center Sales Pro Helps Healthcare Call Centers Achieve Better Outcomes

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1Call Infinity System Optimization from Call Center Sales Pro

1Call, a division of Amtelco, is the preferred call center provider for many leading healthcare facilities. And Call Center Sales Pro is an expert resource on mastering this powerful technology and harnessing it to achieve maximum results.

Key Outcomes from Working with a Professional Consulting Partner

With Call Center Sales Pro as your strategic call center partner, you can expect these highly sought-after outcomes for your healthcare call center.

Strategic Planning and Logistics

Call Center Sales Pro not only addresses immediate concerns and opportunities, but they can also attend to long-term, strategic planning issues and address logistical challenges. The effect is better outcomes for today and tomorrow.

Technical Support and System Engineering Services

Healthcare call centers often succeed or fail based on the technology behind it. The engineering staff at Call Center Sales Pro can address virtually any technical support challenge.

Agent Training and Coaching Services

While technology empowers the call center operation, it’s agents who make the difference. As your organization’s public-facing representatives, they’re often a prospective patient’s first point of contact. Call Center Sales Pro can help your agents become the best they can be.

System Setup, Configuration, and Optimization Services

As call center equipment becomes more powerful and supportive for agents, it also becomes correspondingly more complex to setup, configure, and optimize. The Call Center Sales Pro team has perfected many healthcare call center systems for other organizations, and they can do it for yours, too.

Medical Answering Service Functions

A special subset of healthcare call centers is the medical answering service. Medical answering services have unique requirements not found in other healthcare call centers. The Call Center Sales Pro team is expert at addressing the special needs and opportunities of medical call centers.

Call Center Sales Pro is your one-stop solutions provider for healthcare call centers that use the Infinity 1Call system from Amtelco.

Contact Call Center Sales Pro for a free, no-obligation consultation on how they can help you optimize the effectiveness of your Infinity 1Call system.