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CCSP Fuzion Empowers Healthcare Call Centers to Excellence

CCSP Fuzion Data Portal Provides One-Stop Management Resource for Call Center Supervisors and Managers

CCSP Fuzion was developed by Call Center Sales Pro, a team of call center industry insiders who understand the importance of timely data presented in easy-to-digest formats. Today’s leading call center systems produce an array of detailed reports to help management make informed decisions.

Unfortunately call center managers and supervisors often spend too much time tracking down this information, merging it from disparate sources, and trying to make sense of it. In the worst-case scenario, they simply ignore the data. That’s why Call Center Sales Pro developed CCSP Fuzion: to provide easily actionable information to healthcare call center management.

CCSP Fuzion Examples

For example, the “total call stats” report displays operator, operator abandons, and system abandons. It presents a bar graph along with totals. The “top accounts” report shows accounts with the most call volume, allowing management to see at a glance the key stats for those clients. Third is the “daily comparison” analysis that contrasts traffic from one week to the previous week. Other popular charts include the “traffic and labor analysis” and the “operator stats” reports.

The QA (quality assessment) portal, however, is the element that garners the most attention. It offers an efficient way to perform, review, and track agent QA evaluations.

To accomplish all this, CCSP Fuzion pulls crucial call center data from various sources and delivers it in an easy-to-use, one-stop, web-based solution. This saves valuable time in accessing the call center data that managers need. And it gives real time critical information about the health of your operation.

CCSP Fuzion Includes Powerful Built-In Modules

CCSP Fuzion comes with key reporting tools and evaluation instruments as standard components of this comprehensive portal:

Call center leaders need accurate tools that allow them to measure and manage in real time. They also need to be able to look at historical metrics to make solid decisions on running a call center. Everything call center leaders need to effectively gauge agent and call center performance is included in CCSP Fuzion.

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