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Call Center Sales Pro’s Enthusiastic Supporters Speak Out to Verify Excellence

Here’s what others say about Call Center Sales Pro and Janet Livingston:

“The HIPAA course was upbeat and held the attention of all attendees throughout. The trainer leads the course in a very engaging manner. The flexibility and responsiveness of the CCSP staff was invaluable to making this learning experience a positive one. We found the trainer outstanding and could answer all questions asked. The whole team was able to take some very useful key points from the presentation that will help ensure our compliance with HIPAA guidelines.”

-Jillian Spurgeon

“Janet assisted me on a project to find, train, and launch a virtual contact center for a large pharmaceutical client in a very short time frame. Janet is a talented expert in her field. She is a strategic thinker who understands the client needs and is a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to call her again should the need arise.”

-Brenda Buechler

“From billing to programming to sales, Call Center Sales Pro has you covered. Janet was readily available to speak to us about our options, and her years of expertise in the industry were evident after one phone call. We just started working with her team on lead generation, and I can’t say enough great things about their genuine interest in our goals and the growth of our company. We look forward to working with Call Center Sales Pro in other areas to help streamline our organization into what I’ve envisioned.”

-Sue Milito

“We recently worked with Call Center Sales Pro to install a new billing system for one of their clients. As a sales organization, not only do they secure new sales, but they address all areas of the business where productivity and revenue can be increased. These efforts include procedure, documentation, service delivery, and billing improvements.”

-TAS Innovations

“Janet is an unbelievable business woman and a pleasure to work for. She understands all aspects of business and created an amazing company from nothing to a member of the Inc 5000 in a few short years. She has a great business mind.”

-Rodney M. Smith

“Janet is an extremely talented entrepreneur and business consultant. Her vision for customer service and her ability to manage, places her at the top of the industry.”

-Michael Elkins

“Engaging Janet and her team of professionals was the best business decision I ever made. They have been able to streamline operations, clean up an out of control receivables situation, and introduce measures to guarantee profitability for existing and new accounts. I cannot overstate the talent, dedication, pure business savvy this group has brought to our company.”


“We found all of the Call Center Sales Pro team members to be well organized, knowledgeable, and efficient. Based on the work we have seen done by Janet and her team, we highly recommend them to those looking to build and grow their business.”


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