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Healthcare Call Center Infrastructure Support, Development, IT, and Programming

Call Center Sales Pro is a respected contact center services provider. They offer high quality IT (information technology) and programming services to healthcare call centers. Most every aspect of call center work has an IT component working behind it. Hence IT and programming form a major aspect of the services Call Center Sales Pro provides. They can make their technological expertise available for people who are eager to improve their capabilities in this sphere.

The array of technical needs is endless, be it a special technology project, database conversion, platform migration, merging, or transferring, infrastructure buildout, troubleshooting, and project management. You can outsource a special project, one function, or your whole call center’s technology needs. Whatever the situation, the professionals at Call Center Sales Pro can offer the IT, programing, and technical support services you require.

Benefit from Extensive Technical Experience

The team at Call Center Sales Pro has extensive experience working with system administration, technology consulting, network engineering, database development, and software design. Backed with extensive, practical experience, and armed with college degrees and vocational credentials, they have the needed skill set required to excel in all kinds of technical support services.

The IT team at Call Center Sales Pro focuses on quality and productivity in all they do. They have sufficient hands-on experience when it comes to software development, as well as system and network administration. With their attention to detail and methodical approach, they can cover any contingency. These professionals have in-depth knowledge about all technical aspects, from computers and systems to networks and databases.

They possess sound knowledge about all major operating systems and have worked with numerous software programs, programming languages, and related technologies. Some of the areas they specialize in include Windows, Mac, Linux, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server, MySQL/MS SQL, Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, Alterian, Adobe Creative Suite, SQL tuning, stored procedures, automation, file transformation, Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Jira, WordPress, automated backup, managed services, virtual machines, JavaScript, pfSense firewall, Barracuda firewall, Active Directory, ColdFusion, CSS, XML, Visual Basic, C++ and C#.

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