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Sales Support Pays Off Huge for Quality-Minded Answering Service

Aug 27, 2019

Supplementing Internal Sales and Marketing with Third-Party Sales Support Is a Winning Strategy

Cunningham Communications, founded in 1989, worked hard over the years to build its reputation as a quality answering service and establish itself as a leading provider. Their growth came from word-of-mouth referrals and sales and marketing efforts.

However, Sue Milito, the second generation of this family-owned business, and her husband Paul, desired to grow their answering service at a faster clip. They contacted Call Center Sales Pro for sales support, so they could expand their business at a predictable and manageable rate.

A big emphasis of Cunningham Communications is their focus on providing medical answering service and healthcare call center services. With the rapidly-changing environment of the healthcare industry, effective communications and high-touch customer service is a must. This is a niche that fits nicely with Cunningham Communications.

Sue was excited when a lead came in from a major healthcare account. Cunningham Communications had the experience needed to handle this prospect, along with a record of accomplishment for other similar healthcare accounts. They were a perfect match. However, one required aspect was a telephone triage component. Though Sue had experience with this, she didn’t have a staff of nurses ready to take these types of calls, which required dispensing healthcare information and medical advice.

She passed the inquiry to Call Center Sales Pro to find a solution.

Sales Support from Call Center Sales Pro

Call Center Sales Pro worked with Cunningham Communications to find the ideal solution and close the deal. It took three months, but it was worth the effort.

In the end, Cunningham Communications front ends all calls and handles the non-triage aspects, which is most of the work. When the caller has a medical concern that requires the expertise of a nurse, Cunningham Communications seamlessly outsources these calls to one of the nation’s leading telephone triage call centers.

For these triage calls, Sue’s staff gathers all the needed information from callers and enters it into a secure portal provided by the nurse triage call center. From there the information is distributed to a qualified nurse who reviews the data and calls the patient back. Amazingly, they do this in only twelve minutes, where the industry average is a half-hour. By responding 60 percent faster, the nurse triage call center can provide needed medical assistance to concerned callers quickly and professionally. This, no doubt, is one reason why they’re a leading telephone triage call center.

The client is pleased with the results. All their calls—both the regular ones and the triage calls—are handled with precision and professionalism. Sometimes Cunningham Communications can directly answer callers’ questions, other times they take messages for the client, and when needed they gather information for a triage nurse to return the call. And everyone is happy with the nurse’s twelve-minute response time.

Word has gotten out about the initial success with this client. Another lead, which also has a telephone nurse triage component, has just come in. Call Center Sales Pro is again providing sales support and working to close this lead, too. Then Sue and her team at Cunningham Communications can apply their expertise to this client’s needs as well.

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Peter Lyle DeHaan is a freelance writer from Southwest Michigan.